Danish State Television Celebrates Midsummer by Burning TRUMP-WITCH: A “Symbol of All the Evil Men in the World”

(Photo: Trump-witch burning on live TV on Denmark’s State TV, Danmarks Radio, June 23, 2017)

Recently, the taxpayer financed Danish State Television, Danmarks Radio, celebrated Midsummer with a live mock-execution of the US president.

10News Update

Denmark celebrates Midsummer every year on June 23rd, and traditionally a witch is burned on a bonfire. This year, Danish State TV (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and Danish Radio, chose to exchange the witch with a life-size effigy of Donald Trump.

The taxpayer financed and state-run TV channel told viewers that the Trump-witch was a “symbol of all the evil men in the world”. Danish comedian Carsten Bang half-joked to viewers that the US president will burn well because of his age: “The last witch was executed almost 50 years after Christian IV died (year 1700) here in Denmark. The witch was in her early 70’s, and at that age your body is quiet dry, so she was probably easy to burn. Well, what I mean is that Donald Trump is also in his 70s, so he will also catch fire easily.”

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Though being subject of debate in Denmark, the Trump-critical Danish government has not commented on the State Television’s mock-execution of the US president.

This is not the first time Donald J. Trump has been “killed”. The rapper Snoop Dog has “shot” Trump in a video, the artist Kathy Griffin “decapitated” him on Trump-critical CNN, and actors have “stabbed” him.

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