EU’s Fateful Choice: Fortress Europe or Chaos and Collapse

(Photo: Israel soldiers guarding a check point in Jerusalem, a country that had to learn from painful experience the necessity of forceful border protection)

Massive Third World migration towards Europe will continue so long as Islamic extremism and overpopulation threatens those countries of origin. Europe has to choose between its much cherished liberal ideals and plain survival. Are there any long term win-win solutions?

By Nicolai Sennels, psychologist and political analyst

Supported by Arab regimes and major terrorist organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood—both of whom aim to create a strong base for their global jihad (i.e., holy war)—radical Islamists are threatening millions of lives in the developing world. With too few safe zones in their own regions, lured by Europe’s promise of free transport across the Mediterranean and promise of asylum with social benefits, many individuals are ready to give up everything, place their family’s fortune in the hands of cruel human smugglers, leave their women, children, and elderly in poverty and danger back home, in order to embark on a long and often life-threatening journey to the West.

Africa’s population will double the next 40 years. Islamic countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, plus many others, continue to experience soaring population growth. Fights over clean water, land for crops or pasture, and other vital resources will be endless. There is no end in sight for the conflicts that already drive these mass migrations.

A difficult choice?

European voters need to realize that—so long as we encourage this by not stopping them—millions of migrants will continue heading towards the EU. Neat signs along the road and a polite “no entry” warning will not halt the flow of desperate migrants, many of whom have valid reasons to leave their own countries—despite having no sort of legal claim as a “refugee” who is validly seeking political or humanitarian asylum.

Soon it will dawn upon the Europeans, how misallocated compassion and lack of foresight have left them with only two choices: We can either let the continent be overrun, thereby martyring ourselves for our much cherished liberal values; or safeguard our perimeter with the necessary means. Chaos and collapse; or bloody borders. The first scenario is already unfolding in France and Sweden, two countries with a longstanding tradition of Muslim immigration and openness to Islam. For three straight years, the France has been in state of emergency, and experts are openly talking about civil war in Sweden. More Western European countries will follow, as all of them believe they should allow refugees, unlimited immigration, and family reunification from the Islamic world.

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The second option also is not pretty: endless lines of barbed wired, swarms of drones patrolling Europe’s long outer borders, and armed border control with orders to shoot to kill if necessary. If we let in just one, millions will feel encouraged to follow their example. By letting them in we can help a few million for a while, but it will destroy us forever.

Vetting migrants adequately is so difficult, that it is practically impossible, especially with such massive influxes of people. Whoever promotes these policies should at least make sure that the applicant pays all expenses and posts a large performance bond (assuring long term compliance with local laws as a condition of citizenship).

Over time, the seriousness of this situation will reawaken European voters. Their slumbering survival instinct will oblige them to choose the latter. The longer we wait, the “more eggs we will have to break to make the omelet”. Much pain and unpleasant psychological impressions in our own mind can be avoided if we act now.

The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can start looking for long term win-win solutions. Ones that help people in real need and, at the same time, protect the future of our children and our culture which has benefited the world in so many valuable ways.

Three great win-win solutions

Cutting the terrorists’ funding, banning their cruel religious laws and ideologically like-minded organisations, closing their places of preaching, and sanctioning whoever supports them, is an obvious first step. This will protect those at risk in their home countries, and it will protect ourselves and our ability to help others.

Depleting radical Islam in every possible way will help stabilize the migrants’ home countries, making it possible to create more permanent safe zones for real refugees (the Kilis camp in Turkey is an ideal example) in areas where they understand the language and feel home in the culture. This will minimize the otherwise high risk of post migration stress, and the unpleasant pressure to integrate into societies where one does not always understand the language nor easily cope with values that are very different (or even opposite to) one’s own belief system.

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Thirdly, we need to stop overpopulation and, at this point, current solutions have proven absolutely worthless. With ever more mouths to feed, overpopulation has destroyed both the environment and economy in many Third World nations, making it impossible to create a thriving middle class that is the indispensable basis for every well-functioning society. All of this is because we are too compassionate to implement the only long-lasting win-win solution: Spending our foreign aid on paying poor people in overpopulated parts of the world to have just one or two children. This will enable them to properly nourish and educate future generations with a chance to fully develop their human potential, then enter, and become that necessary middle class. When they can economically support their family, parents will no longer be dependent on having many children to increase the chance that at least one or two of them will be so successful that they can secure their old age.

A gift

There are no easy solutions. But there are obvious solutions. If we employ the powerful kind of compassion and the courage to look for long-term win-win solutions, we have a chance to protect our surplus to help others, and do so with good oversight and a minimum of pain and suffering. Thus avoiding that this be done out of panic and thereby risking overreactions or worse.

Desperate people will always be drawn towards wherever they can feel free, well-fed, and physically safe. It is natural, and (except for the many jihadis) not out of bad intention, that they try to come here.

No culture in world history has brought so much freedom, richness, and health to so many. It is a gift to humanity, and it will be a great loss for the world if we do not chose to preserve it.


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