Germany: Afghan Refugee Drowns Trying to Kill Girlfriend

Berlin: 19-year-old wanted to drown his German girlfriend in the Havel.

A dispute between a young German woman (17) and her boyfriend (19) – an Afghan asylum seeker – ended in the only two degrees cold water of the Havel river on Spandauer Burgwall. The murder attempt did not go well: During his attempt to drown his girlfriend, the man himself drowned. The rescue team arriving at the scene manage to revive the man, though. After having been revived, the man was taken to hospital for further treatment.

During the dramatic event, the girl managed to escape the Afghan refugee and swim to the shore and save herself. According to the girl, the Afghan pushed her into the ice cold river. He then jumped into the water himself and tried several times to drown the girl.

The police confirms the girl’s statement, according to German newspaper B.Z.

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