Impotent: Why Sweden is in SERIOUS trouble

(Foto: Swedish police at work in Rinkeby, Stockholm, an area dominated by armed Islamic groups)

Sweden simply does not have the police to stop the country from becoming a failed state.

According to the Swedish government, the Scandinavian country needs 10,000 more police officers to stop the catastrophic development in the country. Rape, violence, robberies, and murders have soared as more than a million migrants from primarily the Islamic world has been allowed into the formerly safe and orderly Sweden.

According to the government’s plan, the many new police officers should be ready not later than 2024.

But things are not going the way, the liberal and the self-proclaimed feministic government has planned.

Too few

Already in 2020, there should be 1,500 more police officers on the Swedish streets. But instead of increasing, the number of officers has decreased with 470, according to Swedish state tv SVT.

The problem is, that more officers are leaving their jobs than it is possible to educate and hire new ones.

Out of the 1020 places on the Swedish police academies in Spring 2020, only 651 of them are taken. It has not been possible to find enough qualified candidates.

A spokesperson for the Swedish Police Lena Nitz says to SVT, that “the numbers are deeply troubling.”

What now?

If Sweden wants to reach the necessary capacity to handle the migrant crime and deport the countless thousands of illegals taking residence there, it probably will have to look for alternative solutions.

One solution can be to lower the requirements for accessing the police academies. This could increase the risk of radical or criminal individuals infiltrating the force, just like it has happened in the police in Holland, and the French military.

Another is to let the Swedish military assist the police, like the Islam critical, anti-migration party Swedish Democrats party has suggested. But would tie up a lot of the military’s capacity in a time, where NATO expects its partners to help deter Russian aggression.

A third possibility is to ask for international help.

Should NATO react?

One question is, how long NATO should tolerate the security risk that the increasingly collapsed Swedish rule of law posses to neighboring NATO-members, Norway and Sweden.

There have already been several attacks and attempts from fundamentalist Muslims based in Sweden against its neighbours.

One possibility is that Norway or Denmark activates NATO’s article 4, that calls for assembly in the Transatlantic alliance to discuss security matters. Turkey has done that several times, as the collapse of the Syrian state gave local fundamentalistic Muslims’ a chance to conduct attacks across the border, into Turkey.

Just like what is happening in Scandinavia these years.