Oxford Professor: 135 Times More Expensive to Help Refugees In the West!

(Photo: Paul Collier, professor at Oxford, former chief of research in the World Bank and former Africa advisor to PM Tony Blair)

The West can protect and help 135 refugees locally for the same money it costs to host one single refugee in Europe.

Hosting refugees and migrants in Western countries is expensive. Accommodation, food and clothing, medical help, staff etc. is just so much more expensive that in the refugee camps and safe zones existing in or close to the refugees’ countries of origin.

According to Oxford professor Paul Collier, who spoke at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2017, Western countries can help more than a hundred refugees for the money that it costs to host just one refugee in the West:

“We spend 135 dollars for every person who shows up here, compared to one dollar for every person that we help in their own region. Those staying home are often much weaker than the ones who have the resources to get to Europe,” Paul Collier explained at the conference, that was arranged by the Danish Social Democracy Party.

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Paul Collier, former chief of research in the World Bank, and advisor on Africa to former prime minister Tony Blair, also underlined that only very few of the migrants and refugees arriving to Europe, comes from dangerous areas:

“Almost everyone come to Europe from countries where they were already safe,” he said, according to Danish newspaper Berlingske (pay wall) (extract at Uriasposten).

“The idea that exactly this group has an enormous need for help is therefore simply irresponsible and a result of intellectual laziness,” Paul Collier said at the Social Democratic conference.

The Oxford professor, who refuses to be called “right wing”, made the following parting shot to the attending liberals:

“The Social Democratic parties have been taken over by a whole other group of voters, than the ones they were originally supported by. Not the ordinary citizen, but the educated academic elite who are foreign to the concerns of ordinary citizens and typically live in their own enclaves in certain big cities.”

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