Stop Public Funding: Mass Media Should LIVE FROM CREDIBILITY And NOTHING ELSE

Only a small minority trusts the main stream media (MSM). The reason for this ethical decline in newsrooms is public funding, which makes journalists less dependent on maintaining their own credibility.

By Nicolai Sennels

Recently, a big cross-European survey showed that only 24 percent of those polled found journalists trustworthy.

More Americans trust President Donald J. Trump (48 percent) than the media (47 percent). Some 51 percent of Americans think that the media is lying about Trump. After all, just how reliable are those countless reporters, editors, and news anchors that routinely predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton?

In Denmark, only 28 percent of respondents think that the main stream media is trustworthy. In Sweden, only 27 percent believe that the MSM tells the truth about issues related to immigration.

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Many journalists apparently live in another reality than most voters. Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and other investigative sources regularly disclose corruption in newsrooms. Daily fake news and a glaring lack of disclosure—especially regarding the consequences of Muslim immigration and the true nature of Islam—is destroying any trust people have in the MSM which, as a consequence, drives audiences to politically independent sources such as blogs and alternative media.

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Public funding is the reason for this ethical decline among the MSM, as it makes them less reliant on accuracy or credibility. Instead of snapping after the heels of people in power, it placidly eats from their hand. If people want a healthy and responsible fourth estate, we have to halt all public funding of it.

When people only pay for the media they trust, only trustworthy media will thrive.

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