Sweden: Religious Migrants Sex-Torture Mentally Ill Man

(Photo: The three religious migrants that tortured the mentally ill man)

Migrants kidnapped a mentally ill man and accused him of calling himself for Allah.

Three migrant men with Arab background have been sentenced in a particularly serious case of apparently religiously motivated sex torture and violence against a mentally ill man. It happened in Långholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

It all started when the mentally ill man spoke to the three migrants as they passed him on the street. This angered the three and they showed the man a gun that one of them were carrying. During the conversation, the three offered the man the opportunity to try the gun and lured him on a trip out of town.

Here they threatened the man with the gun and forced him to take off all of his clothes in the cold September weather. Then they kicked and smashed him with clubs, fists and the gun, and accused the mentally ill man of calling himself Allah:

“Are you Allah, then see what we do to you!”, one of the men yelled according to the witness during the trial.

Then they screwed wooden sticks into the man’s rectum and told him to become “a male escort” (male prostitute). After the sex torture they threw the naked man into the nearby river. The victim tried to swim away, but had to give up in the cold water. As he tried to get up from the river again, the violence continued:

“Kick him down, kick him into the water!”, one of the three migrants scream at a recording of the attack, that they themselves made with their cell phones.

The violence finally ended as the man was forced to swim several hundred meters through the cold Swedish river and rescue himself. Naked, bloody and with wounds all over his body he found help at a restaurant, which called an ambulance.

The court showed video footage from the assault that the three immigrants themselves had made with their mobile phones.

In one of the recordings, the victim is laying down on the belly while being threatening with the gun, which later proved to be a harmless start gun.

“Are you an escort? Are you going to be an escort?” (escort: male prostitute) a voice shouts in the video. In another clip, one of the perpetrators screw a wooden stick in between between the man’s buttocks. “Do not shoot me, let me live,” cries the victim, while he cover his head during the torture. Then you can see how the three migrants beat them man all over the body with wooden clubs.

In a third video clip, one of the migrants points the gun to the man’s head, after which another one kicks him in the extremely hard in the head so that the blood comes out of his forehead. “Look at me, look at me! So you can remember me, your whore,” shouts one of the attackers.

A fourth clip shows how the man in vain tries to get out of the cold river while the three migrants hit him with wooden clubs.

The three perpetrators are 19, 19 and 16 years old, respectively. The two 19-year-olds received sentences of 1 year and 4 months and 1 year and 7 months respectively. The 16-year-old was sentenced to stay at a youth institution.

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