Swedish Police Chief: Stockholm suburb like a WAR ZONE

(Foto: Swedish police at work in Rinkeby, Stockholm, an area dominated by armed Islamic groups)

War like situation is moving closer to the center of Sweden’s capital.

Lise Tamm, head of Sweden’s national unit against organized crime, remarked in an interview to Swedish radio that the situation in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby is so serious, that it can be compared with a war zone. She added:

“When the police work there, they operate like how the military would operate.”

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Tamm compared the situation in the capital’s suburbs to the conflicts in Colombia and El Salvador, and thinks their conflicts with guerrillas could bring ideas for handling the growing problems capital’s outskirts:

“How did they do it in Colombia with deporting the Farc guerrillas, how did they do it in El Salvador when the war ended? How have they done it in other parts of the world where they have had such great problems for many, many years? Is there any solution? You have to think outside the box,” said Lise Tamm according to Sweden’s state television, Sveriges Radio.

Sweden has received a lot of international attention since President Donald Trump pointed out the problems the country faces after letting in large amounts of Muslim migrants, refugees and family reunifications.

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